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“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” – Warren Buffett

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Few Words About Us

Mars African Empire is a legally registred company under the Botswana Companies Act CAP:42:01 in 2017 and allocated company number CO2017/7850. The company is owned by an authentic young man named Oagile Flex Moemi. Flex completed his BSc Hons in Electronic Commerce (2016). Flex has been in the Forex market since 2015, and has been trading ever since. Early 2017, the company decided to introduce a sector within the company that deals entirely with investments and financial markets, so as to elevate people from where there are now to a better lifestyle tomorrow and the sector was named Mars African Empire Investment Wing

Our Mission

Our mission is to work tirelessly to serve individuals who would want to have a better tommorow. we will ensure that their individual needs are always met as the financial markets continue to evolve over time.

Our Vision

Shaping the future of individual and making sure they realise that our tomorrow is built today

Our Values

Commitment: We are committed to all those who we conduct business with; our clients, our affiliates and our partners.
Responsibility:We believe in giving back to the community that gives so much to us.
Respect:Ultimately, we believe that respect is everything; it is a value that cannot be absent from any walk of life, personal or professional


Our company is yet to set records in the financial market industry, therefore we are still going to grow, clients wise and progress wise



Hours Of Support

Hard Workers


Below are some of the things that we offer to our clients under our investment wing

Forex tools

We install all softwares required for kickstarting trading and better trading platforms(only for newbies) Price: Free(only clients)

Brush up Course

You may be having knowledge on trading price actions, but cannot make steady profits, join our team to boost you Price: $150.00 Once off fee

Trading EA / Robot

Are you busy at work? Then use the best trading robot in the market, that trades 24/5 and get a fundamentals/news robot for free Price: $200.00

Mentorship / Course

We provide a course with 20 topics to cover, We do each topic one on one then practice on it before we can move on to the next, Lessons are done thru teamview Price: $250.00 Once off fee

Forex Signals

We provide Signals with 5/7 accuracy, aiming 400-800 pips every week, We are swingers so we give an average of 2 signals everyday,
Price: $150.00 Once off fee

Free Services

We offer different FREE analysis on different platforms, facebook, tradingview, twitter, telegram, checkout our previous work there.

You want to start trading Indices??

Dont waste time, open a live account with our trusted broker and start trading immediately (low spreads, low commission and fast withdrawals)


Please feel free to browse through our previous achievements and our gallery at large

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  • Mentorship
  • Paid Signals
  • Free Analysis


One on One interaction with student

Facebook page

Free setups on our page


Online lessons through teamview


We give signals with setups


Well detailed setups


Whatsapp group for all students.


5/7 winning rate, 700pips a week


We always give updates on signals

Telegram Group

Free signals on telegram


We have a team of energetic personnels who spend sleepness nights just to see you success

Flex Moemi

Trading Expert | CEO


Trading Expert


Trading Expert


Trading Expert


If there is anything you would want to understand, please dont hesitate to contact us

Botswana, Kumakwane
Newtown Plot 1508


+267 71738431

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